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  We Service Katy, 

North- Richmond and Far-West Houston.

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A Pet Lover's Sitting Service


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"Until one as loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

-Anatole France

Need to get away? Can't bring your beloved pet? Well here is your answer. We will provide you with in-home pet care so that you feel comfortable knowing your pets are at home in their own environment, not in a kennel locked in a cage wondering where you are and if you are coming back.

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In loving memory of our little angel.... January, 2013

We'll miss you Trixie.

Where to Start:

We provide in-home pet care at affordable rates serving the Katy, TX area. To get started, call us today: 


We provide in-home pet care including - overnight, daily and vacation pet sitting, dog walking and house sitting.

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What is Pet Sitting?:

Pet sitting is THE alternative to the stressful, sometimes unhealthy practice of boarding your special friends. No worry about what time you're coming home, about leaving your friends locked in a cage 23 or more hours a day. Discover in-home pet care and come home to a less-stressed, happier loved one. 

And what's more: YOU'LL SAVE MONEY!!! 

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About Us | Policies

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